Talking with Folk Singer-Songwriter Alicia Stockman and Her Musical Journey

I was able to conduct an email interview with an upcoming folk artist Alicia Stockman. She will release her new single, “The Problem”, this week on March 8. I was able to talk about this song as well as her musical journey, background, and what should listeners take away after listening to her music. She has really interesting answers.

Check out her newest single “The Problem” at the end of the post. This song is a must listen as it is powerful, soothing, and a pleasant listen. This song not only showcases Stockman’s brilliant way of crafting lyrics but also her talented musicality skills and beautiful vocals.

What is your inspiration for your music? Do you get inspired by other artists or maybe a particular musical style?

My inspiration for my music is heavy on lyrics and storytelling. I admire songwriters who can make every word count in a song, and use those words say something that really gets you. My biggest influences are Patty Griffin, the Indigo Girls, Gillian Welch, and many more strong female songwriters.

How did you first get into music?

I played the clarinet in my middle school orchestra, so I learned to read music and some theory then, around age 11. I picked up my dad’s guitar when I was in high school and (before you could google things) I used the internet to learn tabs and songs on guitar. I got my own guitar for Christmas my Freshman year of college and have played ever since. I tried to learn songs by all my favorite artists, and I wrote a lot of songs back then. Not very many were any good, but it was fun to experiment.

How has music inspired you?

One of the greatest things I’ve found in my quest to become a better songwriter is a community of other songwriters that I like to call my “Folk Family”. Once I discovered that there were other people out there like me, and they get together at festivals, workshops, campouts, and conferences, I was stoked. My Folk Family makes me feel welcome; they encourage me; they inspire me to be a better musician; and I genuinely want to see my Folk Family members succeed and do well in their music. It’s a wonderful relationship and it gives the music great meaning for me.

Your last single, “I’d Do That Too” came out last December. How did you come up with the tune?

I played in a band for a long time that did a lot of blues, but we often did 12-bar blues songs. I was experimenting with the 8-bar blues format when I came up with that song. I had been writing a lot of sad and dark songs prior to that and decided why not write a romantic blues song?

“I’d Do That Too”, to me, feels like a mixture of country and gospel. (I hope I got that right) What was the creative process for that song like? Was it hard?

The organ in that tune definitely has some gospel vibes, and the country format of songs isn’t all that different from a blues format – just add some 7th chords to a country format and you can give it a blues spin. With all my songs, after writing it, I share it with some fellow songwriter friends for feedback, to make sure the lyrics and music land emotionally the way I want them to. Then, I worked the finished song up with the band to get it ready for recording. That part was hard. We tried the song slow, we tried it fast, we tried it bare bones, we tried it loud… it took a while to settle in on the final sound that we got. Even now, I can picture that song being played a few different ways.

What is your favorite song you have so far recorded and why?

I would have to say “The Porter House”. Mostly because it was my very first single and my very first official release as a solo artist. The song has a special place in my heart and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Your newest song, “The Problem”, comes out March 8. Can you tell a little about the tune?

“The Problem” has been around for a while. I wrote this song several years ago about an ex-boyfriend. Our break up was amicable, but overdue. I texted him while I was writing it and told him I was “Taylor-Swifting” him. We laughed about it… he made me promise if the song ever becomes a hit that I buy him a boat with the royalties. Even though it’s an old song to me, I have to remind myself that it’s new to a lot of people. It’s like a time capsule for me as an artist. I’ve grown a lot since I wrote that song, but it’s still a good song.

What are your plans and goals?

I will be releasing 3 more singles this year – “The Problem” on March 8, then a song in April and a song in May. I’m booking my first ever tour. I’m putting together some dates in Colorado in June. I am still writing songs – always. I would really like to get my unreleased songs really polished and ready for a full-length record. For the singles, the band and I did it all ourselves. Very DIY. It was fun and we learned a TON. However, I learned that I am not a producer and working with a producer is something I would really like to do in the next year or two. I want to get my songs to be the best they can be, and start looking for the right person to work with.

What do you want listeners to listen for when listening to your music?

My songs are stories, so I hope that people listen to the lyrics. And when they do, I hope that they find something relatable there, like a memory, or a feeling. I can tell listeners a story, but what’s cool is when the listeners take the song in the context of their own lives and find something meaningful. That’s where I get to connect with people in a really cool way.

Finally, what kind of message do you want to say to the readers of ai love music?

Thank you! I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen. I know that my music is not universal (what music is?), but I hope to connect with people in a genuine way. If my music is up your alley, and you find something there that you like, then I have done my job and I’m grateful for you!

You can listen to Alicia Stockman’s newest song “The Problem” here:

Let me know what you think about “The Problem” down in the comments below?!

About the Artist

Alicia Stockman is not a chart-topping pop star. She is a singer and songwriter who is passionate about the power of music. She prefers to sing to people, as opposed to singing at them.

Alicia does everything in her power to connect with her audience through memories, experiences, and passion. In a world where music can be “made” at the push of a button, Alicia is an advocate of bringing society back to its roots through the experience of pure, raw music.

In 2017, Stockman was recognized for her craft, winning the Suzanne Millsaps Performing Singer Songwriter Showcase. It was another step in Stockman’s musical journey – a journey that’s included playing barrooms, clubs, and house concerts.

The aspiring young musician joined a rock band in 2010 and went from being shy and reserved behind the microphone, to turning quiet barrooms into rocking dance parties. Her experience in the bluesy, rock-and-roll band only whet her appetite as a musician. It led her to seek out her voice as an artist, not just as a singer in a cover band.

Alicia has always been profoundly influenced by the likes of Patty Griffin, the Indigo Girls, and Susan Tedeschi – all strong female vocalists and songwriters. She takes inspiration from stories, places, and memories to craft songs that draw listeners into an emotional journey. “These are songs about moments – moments that seem fleeting at the time, but we soon come to see them as a major turning point in our lives – that these small moments represent so much more.” Stockman described.

2018 has been a busy year for Stockman. She put together a band, began recording, and is playing live in venues and festivals across the Intermountain West. Stockman is backed by Peter Kilian on keyboards, Nick Price on drums, and Nick Steffens on bass. “These songs take on a different feel and energy with the band, giving the songs new meaning. But at their core, they’re the same songs I write in my kitchen and play in living rooms,” Stockman said.

You can check out Alicia Stockman and her latest information at:

Official Website / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud

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49 thoughts on “Talking with Folk Singer-Songwriter Alicia Stockman and Her Musical Journey

  1. I love how she spoke of the community! I think that is so important no matter what your job or passion is, you just feed off of it and it only makes you better!! Great article can’t wait to check out some of her work!

  2. I went through a phase where I really into folk music, and I still enjoy it now and again. I love how unique and authentic it is; each lyric is often filled with the raw truth which makes the listener believe they’re getting to know the singer personally. I’ll have to look up some of Alicia’s songs 😊

  3. I’ve never heard of this artist, but I think it’s awesome that she’s going on her first tour. I hope that I can find something that I feel deeply about. I don’t connect with music as much as others.

  4. Ciara says:

    It’s so cool that she’s making a career out of doing what she loves! I used to be really into music, but not so much anymore. i’m sure breaking into the music industry is a ton of hard work!

  5. momelite2 says:

    I have a love for all music. Music has always inspired me. More recently I have been inspired by a variety of kirtan. It is music that feeds my soul.

  6. Kelsey Buterbaugh says:

    My whole family is involved in music somehow and this is so inspiring! I’ll definitely check her out.

  7. Awesome interview! It’s so interesting when you get to hop inside creative minds, I always wonder what gets their creative juices flowing.

  8. mralexmathew says:

    Haven’t seen much blogs on music
    but yours is great
    and “The Problem” totally in love with this song!
    thanks for sharing

  9. iiipphy says:

    This is an interesting and inspiring interview! I live music and I intend to pursue a career in it sometime in the furure.

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