Battle of the Songs: Three Ways to Sing “Do You Want?”

Welcome to another edition of Battle of the Songs. For this edition, I was debating to do one or two topics: either about Eurovision or Japanese songs. It looks like that this week is about Japanese songs as you can see Sunday’s and Monday’s post were both about Japanese songs. But, I am going to save the Japanese songs battles for May as it will be the first month of the new era in the Japanese calendar.

So for this battle, I want to do a song that was performed by past Eurovision winner as you know Eurovision is next month! )If you haven’t read my series about this year’s entries, you can find in these parts: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, and Part VI.) The song itself was never presented at Eurovision, but the group has. And, everybody knows this group as they are world famous. There have been a musical and two films that featured their songs.

Which group am I talking about?

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Battle of the Songs: In My Dreams

It’s finally April! I am done with the play that I was involved with. I also started another year of work this week. And, as they announced on Monday, we are going to welcome the new era of Reiwa (令和) very soon.

I am still catching up on some R&R as my weekend was spent with the play, which was fun but took a lot of energy. I was so tired and sore on Monday. I will try to recover by this weekend. I still have a lot of things to write about. I am soooo behind on my Eurovision series.

For this Battle of the Songs, I decided to do a battle centered around a song that I wanted to see enter the arena for a while. I was thinking about doing a “fools” theme as Monday was April’s Fool. But, it’s kind of too late.

Don’t be sad! This battle is so excited!

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Sugar Beat – Gobanme no deja vu

Artist: Sugar Beat ( シュガービート)


Single Title: 5番目のde ja vu (Gobanme no deja vu)

Date Released: August 1st, 1991

Catalog Code: SRDL-3336

Label: Sony Music Records

Genre: Japanese Pop


1. 5番目のde ja vu (Gobanme no deja vu)

2. 雨のCROWN (Ame no CROWN)

Single Info


Sugar Beat was a girl duos in the early 1990s. The duo was short lived and only had two singles and one album before disappearing (and not as successful). Some can argue that there were another WINK copycat because of the concept (two girls, looking almost like each other, and etc) and how their music is perceived. Nevertheless, 5 Banme no deja vu is an excellent single with the two girls . However, my favorite track of the single is Ame no CROWN due to the instrumentation that is going on, how pretty it sounds, and the guitar riffs solos. It was hard to pick the first week’s single (I had two other singles battling it out) but I chose Sugar Beat because of Ame no CROWN (I simply love it!) and because it’s really a nice single. If you girl groups (especially duos), you will like/love Sugar Beat.

Trivia: Gobanme no deja vu was the ending theme song the the 1991 dorama, Vincent Caen Kekkon (Marriage).