Cherishing Experiences and Knowledge from Well-Known Musicians: A Talk With Tim Chance (Part II)

The second and final part with my interview with Country-Hip Hop artist Tim Chance. Behind the cut, Tim talks about his experiences with working with Wyclef Jean, Bob Dylan’s engineer George Tutko, as well as other artists.

By the way, if you didn’t have to chance to read part one, you can do so here.

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Blending Hip-Hop and Country Together Effectively: A Talk With Tim Chance (Part I)

Tim Chance is a genre-blending, songwriting, performing, producing freak of nature. One listen to any of his recordings and you realize you are experiencing something truly unique and special. One live show experience and you are a fan for life. He was the first “Country-Hip Hop” style performer from Nashville, he since helped develop numerous artists in the genre, and has been embraced from Music Row to the LA streets. USA Today even said that this Nashville phenomenon “Raps faster than Twista, but to dueling style banjos…”

I had the privilege to sit down with Tim Chance, an artist who has worked with various big name starts in the country and hip-hop industry. Blending together hip-hop and country, Chance has created something unique with his music.

The interview has been divided into two parts due to its length. You can read part one behind the cut.

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