Happy New Years!!

🎉 Happy New Years! 🎉

I hope you had a wonderful time during holiday season!

I have been away from the past three weeks as I celebrated the holidays back in the States with my family and friends. I been home since Monday but had to recover from jet lag.


I am ready to come back to my blog! Starting tomorrow, expect more wonderful content, starting with the Battle of the Songs! (I will also post the results of the last battle tomorrow as well, even though it was Christmas song battle. Sorry for the delay!)

Before I end this post, I want to share five blogging goals I want to accomplish this year:

  1. Feature more content from readers like YOU!
  2. Move over to a self-hosting domain (My heart is set on BlueHost right now and hoping to do so very soon) 
  3. Work on my Podcast a little more so I can have at least an episode once a week
  4. More amazing content like interviews from artists and reviews of various releases
  5. Coverage of events
  6. Working on how I can make this blog into something I can earn money from
  7. Get Photoshop

Stay Tuned!

Results for the First Battle of the Songs: SHINee or Mohamed Ali?

Just a friendly reminder that I am still looking for writers for my December series, “25 Days of Holiday Songs” Challenge. I only have six blog posts currently and I need 19 more. I really want them by December 1! Please send me an email if you are interested ASAP!

Last week, I started the first ever Battle of the Songs competition on my blog! I am very thankful for the number of responses I got for the match.

Without further ado, who won the first Battle of the Songs: SHINee from South Korea or Mohamed Ali from Denmark?

Click to found out the winner!

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Stop Youtube Red Now!

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I don’t really talk about issues on here. But, the petition below and the cause behind it is very important for this blog and the future of how we listen to music.

Over this weekend, Youtube began their new paid service named Youtube Red. You can read more about the service and how Youtube “visualizes” the service at this post on their official blog.

Since the launch, Youtube Red has faced a lot more backlash than support due to the numerous problems it presents. One of the big problems is the temporary blockage of video channels that haven’t decided if they wanted to be a part of the Youtube Red service or not. You have probably heard by now that many US-based channel have already decided with ESPN even pulling their own channel due to copyright and legal issues.

However, a lot of channels outside of the US have yet to decide on the new service as Youtube Red is not available overseas just yet. This means a lot of content from international channels are blocked to viewers who live in the US due to Youtube’s new policy of “If you can’t join us, then we will block your content”. Leaving a lot of beloved channels, including many Japanese music channels, in the dark.

Youtube Red has to change their policies as it feels like Youtube is region-locking their content again. And it is hurting pretty much everyone. The Japanese music industry has worked hard to promote Japanese music overseas by offering videos on Youtube for free to people over the world. But, if Youtube Red happens with the capacity of region-locking, users cannot access those artist or videos freely and legally anymore. Leaving many to go to illegal service, which many fans don’t want to but have to in order to listen to their favorite artists.

This issue doesn’t solely affect the Japanese music industry. It affects all music industries around the world; Korean music, UK hits, the underground scene, and much more.

It is also affecting fan-made material as many of the Hello! project dubs I have been in have been blocked in the United States as they are not considered legal anymore due to the original material’s creators not answering Youtube Red’s demands. Youtube Red is basically trying to kick the fair use law out into existence, squeezing out the right to make fan-made music videos and singing dubs.

My blog will be affected because a lot of the videos on here are currently not viewable in the US. I used Youtube videos to further promote an artist I am writing about promoting on here. Yes, I could tell in a thousand or more words how awesome is Otome Shinto or Mocki is. But, I can further explain it by using videos and sound clips. However, if they blocked in the US, how will one know about the artists on my blog? How?

I am asking Youtube Red to stop their service for a minute and think of a better way for their service in a way that won’t hurt anyone.

The future of music is in their hands.

If you don’t agree with Youtube Red and want it to stop, please sign this petition below: