How Nix’s “Playing with Fire” is the Perfect Song for This Summer

Happy Saturday everyone! It is the start of my 10-day Golden Week vacation but that doesn’t mean that I will stop blogging. I have a lot of content to share with you during my break.

I was able to review Canadian singer Nix’s newest single “Playing with Fire”. You can read my review and listen to song behind the cut.

A recent artist that I have enjoyed last year was Dua Lipa. When I heard her collaboration with my latest favorite Kpop girl group BLACKPINK, I was intrigued to find out more about the English singer-songwriter. Since then, I enjoyed listening to Dua Lipa’s current discography on Spotify. But, I wondered: are there any other upcoming artists like Dua Lipa out there that I could enjoy.

That is when I discovered Nix.

One could hear the similarities between Nix and Dua Lipa. Yet, Nix is a force of her own self. As many have compared this Canadian singer to the likes of Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, Nix brings her own artistic flair and color to her songs.

“Playing with Fire” is Nix’s newest single. The song starts off slow with a cool and deep tone resonating from the vocals as well as the instrumentation. Nix’s sultry vocals feature a warm texture that is a perfect contrast to the cool blues-like instrumentation. Because of these reasons stated above, the opening is my favorite part of the song.

However, the opening isn’t the only part to look out for. The chorus is powerful, energy-packed, and full of passion, a contrast of the soft, smooth, and cool opening. It is a great contrast as it showcases a smooth transformation of Nix’s vocals from a sultry texture to a powerful one full of range and emotions.

“Playing with Fire” is a perfect song for this summer as a perfect mixture of cool and hot. You can hear this contrast in every detail featured in the song, from the opening to vocals and beyond. Nix’s vocals are also a highlight as they have so many emotions, range, and wonderful color to them. Nix is a force to be reckoned with and should be on your must listen playlists for this summer!

You can listen to “Playing with Fire” here:

About the Artist

Toronto-born Nix has a voice that reflects old and new sounds of pop and R&B, having been heavily influenced by 90s-pop divas and old-school crooners. With a rich musical upbringing that included singing in choirs and jazz ensembles, and studying the classical violin for 10 years, music consumed her. At the age of 14, Nix became a published writer after winning a Young Adult poetry competition, which inspired her to fuse her innate writing and vocals talents. Her latest singles, “Tastes Like Sugar” and “Playing with Fire” are juxtaposing electric pop hits bound to leave you wanting more.

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