Music Moves Me: Because I’m a Girl

Happy Monday, readers!

I am on countdown mode. I have about five more days until my 10-day vacation starts. I am so excited! This is a vacation I dreamed of because I want a stay-cation. Well, I also do other things too. I have to clean because my sister is going to stay at my apartment for the next two months to study abroad here.

Last week’s Music Movies Me Monday was about a “song where a particular instrument has moved you – whether it’s a favorite vocal sound, bass line, drumming/beats, piano, guitar solo, …’. This week is free choice, but I want to feature a song or a music video that really has moved me and brought me to tears.

The modern Kpop boom started in 2009 with artists like Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, SNSD, and etc. But for me, I started to like Kpop (or Korean pop) when I was in middle school with BoA and S.E.S. One of my first Asian CDs that I ever bough was BoA’s “No. 1” at Koreatown in L.A. (My ex-aunt is Korean American and we would go there when I visited.)

One of the biggest Kpop songs of the early 2000s was Kiss’ “Because I’m a Girl”. The reason was because of the music video. All of my internet friends back in 2003 were like, “You have to watch this music video! It is so sad!”. Every time I watch the music video, I cried by the ending because it is so sad and touching. It is makes you think about what real love is.

Be warned, you might need to have a box of tissues next to you when watching this music video.

As you see in the video, the lyrics are about a girl writing a letter to her ex-boyfriend, reflecting negatively back on their relationship and how she wasn’t the “girl” for them. The lyrics are typical when it deals about break ups. But, everyone has had similar thoughts about a breakup before, right?

I like the music video more than the song because the music video is touching. But, “Because I’m a Girl” is a good song and should be a recommended listen to any Kpop fans out there.

By the way, KISS reunited in 2016 to sing their staple song on the TV show Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, which about surveying people from different age ranges about old and new songs (I hope that is right). Here is their performance. They said they broke up right after their debut is because of the members was dating, ouch!

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21 thoughts on “Music Moves Me: Because I’m a Girl

  1. Oh my gosh, your first video is true… get the tissues! I loved the tune and the video. So sad. I wish they would’ve gotten together though. So very sad!!! Thank you for posting that today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have a great day!

  2. Kemi says:

    Ok. I refuse to watch anything sand and touchy. The world has enough to make us cry lol. Still, it’s a lovely video. Enjoy your staycation and catch up on sleep.

  3. paigebainbridge says:

    I think it’s cool that music can be spread and made more popular because of the good video attached to it. I don’t know much about KPop but just saw a CBS Sunday morning profile on KPOP this past weekend. Thanks for sharing— Paige Bainbridge (

  4. Michael David Oyco says:

    Not familiar with them but I get the emotions. Are you okay? lol Hope everything is doing fine though

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    That was so sad. I guess the lesson it wants to impart is to not judge too quickly. Break ups can bring out a flurry of emotions – anger, usually. But sometimes we just have to back off a bit to understand the issue from a different perspective. Thank you for sharing the music video. That touched my heart.

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