Dare to Dream: The Race to Eurovision 2019 (Part III: Serbia, Poland, and Slovenia)

Another week, another post about Eurovision! This time, we will focus on the songs and contestants from three countries: Serbia, Poland, and Slovenia.

If you haven’t check it out already, please check out Part I and Part II of the series. Those two blog posts feature songs from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Belarus, Cyprus, and Finland.

Serbia: Nevena Božović – “Kruna” (Круна)

Like Tamta, Nevena Božović is also not new to the Eurovision competition. She previously entered the contest in 2013 with the song “Ljubav je svuda” Love Is Everywhere with Mirna Radulović and Sara Jovanović, but failed to make it to the finals. Now Božović is back as a soloist with the song “Kruna” Crown.

I really like acoustic ballads when they are done right. And this song isn’t done right. The problem with “Kruna” is that there is a lack of energy and power. I put the blame on Božović ‘s vocal skills. She doesn’t put a lot of power and that “oomph” when you hear great acoustic ballads by artists like Whitney Houston, Kelly Clarkson, or Ariana Grande. Božović is just coasting by with minimal effort when singing “Kruna”.

I know I am sounding harsh, but I found “Kruna” to be boring. There Isn’t a lot of energy in this song, it is under-dramatic. Božović has to rethink how to perform this song if she wants to get in the finals.

Poland: Tulia – “Fire of Love (Pali się)”

I never heard of Tulia before I looked at the roster for this year’s Eurovision. I wish I knew about this girl band beforehand. This band is full of badass girl power. When I looked up to see what was their musical genre, Wikipedia said they are folk. But, listening to “Pali się,” don’t they sound punk rock?

I love everything about “Pali się.” I love the dark tone, the upbeat tempo, and the girls singing together. When I first listen to this song, I was a bit iffy on the part where the girls were singing together. But as I listen to this song more and more, I liked this part. Having the members singing together brings on a kind of edginess and “badass-ness” to it.

“Pali się” will be a fan favorite this year as it’s edgy and enjoyable. It is one of my favorites!

Slovenia – Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – Sebi

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl is a fairly new duo. They formed last year with instrumentalist Gašper Šantl and vocalist Zala Kralj. “Sebi” Oneself is their fourth single and the first song of theirs to represent Slovenia for Eurovision.

To be honest, I find “Sebi” to be a little boring but soothing. Unlike “Kruna” by Nevena Božović, the female vocalist has a soothing voice and put some emotion in her voice. But, the melody is pretty much is in a range of only five notes. There isn’t anything exciting.

Even the instrumentation is dull and minimal. I do like the trap instrumentation going on. Yet, there is nothing that really excites me about this. I feel like this song will not reach the finals this year. But, to be all fair, the tone and emotion of the vocalist are pretty good. It is also pretty soothing to listen to!

So what do you think, which song is your favorite? Comment below!

And, since I have a lot of travel bloggers and readers from the world who visit this blog, what are your favorite memories or sites in the Czech Republic, Hungary, or Montenegro? Let me know in the comments below.

Since this is an ongoing series, I am going to share my prediction scorecard at the end of each post. It is a way for me to keep track of my predictions and see if they came true in May.

Standings at the Finals

Czech RepublicEliminated
HungaryFinals – MAY WIN
PolandFinals – MAY WIN

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