Results for The Dawn of a Brand New Day

Happy February everyone!

It is the month where I hope to get back on 100% track with this blog if there isn’t any more vacations or illness. But before any new posts, I want to announce the winners of the last Battle of the Songs.

The winner of The Dawn of a Brand New Day battle is…


Here are the results, for anyone who is wondering:

Poor Little Glee Monster, they didn’t stand a chance against Sting. Maybe I shouldn’t have the girl group go against a music icon. I learned my lesson for future battles!

To celebrate Sting’s victory, I want to share one of my favorite tracks from his solo career. The parent album, The Soul Cages, just had its 28th birthday. My favorite song off this album is this one;

Funny story is that when I was a kid, I was obsessed with supernatural stuff. Bermuda Triangle, aliens, Ther Devil’s Triangles, supernatural, etc. I blame my dad for he had me watching The X-Files when I was preschool. Nevertheless, I thought, when I was a kid, that the “Islands of Souls” was about The Bermuda Triangle for the longest time. It wasn’t until high school that I learned the truth about the song: that is about the highs and lows of the ship-building industry in Sting’s hometown. Crazy, isn’t it?

Anyways, tomorrow is a new battle. I am just going to mention that the theme of the next battle will deal with “beans” as a Japanese tradition happens tomorrow.

Turn in tomorrow!

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