I NEED YOU: Come and Join the Valentines’ Song Challenge

That is right: I NEED YOU!

I always love hearing from YOU, my readers! So, for this Valentines, I would love to hear what YOUR favorite love/romance song is? Or, do you have a song that is precious in your relationship with a loved one, family, friends, pet or any other beings? It doesn’t have to be just in English, it can be in any language, from any genre, and any country!

Here is the challenge details:

💖 Write a small description why this song is your favorite and/or why it is important to you. There isn’t a word limit but do keep in mind that this is a collaborative post. Unlike my daily post challenge in December, I am going to put everyone’s songs in ONE post this time, depending on how many responses I get.

💖 If you want to send photos relating to your comment or song, please do! Just one photo per entry as I want everyone have a equal chance and to make the post easy to read.

💖 Please send me your name (or any alias you use), blog link, and title along with your comment.

💖 Please send me a link to your song (either from Spotify, Youtube, Vimeo, or any platforms). It will save me time trying to look for your song or that version of a song that you mention in your comment.

Please send me everything at ailovemusic89@gmail.com by February 9.

Thank you! I can’t wait to see your responses! 💕

23 thoughts on “I NEED YOU: Come and Join the Valentines’ Song Challenge

  1. Elizabeth O says:

    very interesting challenge! well, i ahev many love songs and top one is – you’re my heart, you’re my soul and i can’t smile without you.

  2. Definitely a cool way to participate when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I will have to spend some time thinking about what my favorite Love Song is. it might be Pictures of You by the cure. But I have to think about it.

  3. cleverlychanging says:

    This sounds like such a fun Valentine’s Day challenge. I don’t listen to music that often. I am more of a talk radio kind of person.

  4. JL Prince says:

    Ah! There are so many. I can’t remember who sings it, but I always love the 500 miles song. It’s super catchy and very cute that he is willing to do anything for her.

  5. momelite2 says:

    What a great challenge! There are so many good love songs. I don’t like country but I love Rascal Flats “God Bless the Broken Road”. That song really sums up my husband and I.

  6. LuciWest says:

    What a sweet idea! There are quite a few songs about love, romance and shared adventures that are special to me (and my husband). If I have to choose just one, it would be “Live Forever” by Oasis – it’s the song to which I walked down the aisle at our wedding.

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