My Special Memories with “Santa Tell Me” [25 Days of Holiday Songs]

Welcome to Day 10 of the “25 Days of Holiday Songs” Challenge (Shh, I am posting this a day late, but it will count as Day 10). Today’s post is written by Lilly who writes for her blog Lilly’s Corner. In her selection, Lilly talks about her favorite Christmas songs and the memories with her best friends that she shares with the song.  Click below to read about her special relationship with today’s song choice!

(You can also find Lilly over at Twitter here.)

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a happy holiday! I wanted to share the Christmas song Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande that came out December 12, 2014 with you. I choose this song because it’s an upbeat, festive song that never fails to put me in the holiday spirit even four years later. This song makes it onto my Christmas playlist year after year even though it may not be a traditional Christmas song.

I’ve always have liked Ariana’s pop music. That is because I think that she is such a strong person for going through what she went through this year with such strength.

Every year, my friends and I get together for a Christmas party. Whenever I listen to this song, I think back to one day in December about two years ago when I got together with my closest friends to recreate the music video for Santa Tell Me. We tried very hard to get the video as accurate as possible! But, tended to find ourselves getting distracted from the task at hand. That day was filled with laughter, and of course, scream-singing. By the end of the day, we completed the video!

To me, the holidays are about having a great time with the people you love the most, and that memory indeed was a great time with friends during the holidays. Although it may not have been that similar to the original video, my friends and I had a great time recreating it and spending the time together. This song will always connect me back to that day with my friends. In general, I believe that songs sound so much better when there is a personal reason to love it or if you could relate to the song. 

I hope that everyone has a great holiday filled with joy!

6 thoughts on “My Special Memories with “Santa Tell Me” [25 Days of Holiday Songs]

  1. Jack Bransson says:

    I like her music and the new song she did really good with that. That is true, we should spend time with family and most loved ones in such occasion!

  2. Cindy Moore says:

    I just listened to this song last night! Thanks for sharing. I have Christmas music playing now, as I work. I love this time of year@!

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