“Warm This Winter” Will Make You Feel Warm and Snug This Winter [25 Days of Holiday Songs]

Continuing on the “25 Days of Holiday Songs” Challenge, today’s post features Gemma who writes from her blog Yorkshire Mum of 4. She has her own “24 Days of Christmas” series that you should check out!

Thanks Emma!

I’m Gemma, a mum of 4, wife, trainee accountant and parenting blogger. I have loved music from such a young age. I wish I learned educational stuff like learning song lyrics! I love a range of songs through the 1950’s way up to now. So, it was a difficult choice to pick one song that I love for the holidays. 

I am a sucker for a nice love song. That is why I have chosen this Gabriella Cilmi song. It is so Christmas-like and I feel it has a cool festive feel for the holidays. It makes me want to sit in front of an open fire in a log cabin while eating marshmallows and watching a movie on a large couch with a throw over us as a family. It has a cozy feel, don’t you think? 

Christmas to me is a time for family. I usually hibernate a lot in the winter. So, we tend to stay in a lot more and catch up on box sets and movies. We also tend to eat a lot more and just generally chill out at home. I love Christmas Day and the night before getting all the presents sorted, wrapped and organized ready for the kids the next day.

Overall, I like the song because it reminds me of what I like: being snugged, warm and loved at Christmas. 

8 thoughts on ““Warm This Winter” Will Make You Feel Warm and Snug This Winter [25 Days of Holiday Songs]

  1. Love that song!

    A bunch of us have something called “Monday’s Music Moves Me,” and this month it’s all Christmas songs, if you want to join us. There’s a Linky that you can find on a couple of blogs, including Cathy’s (http://curiousasacathy.com) and Marie (http://xmasdolly.com). You could even work it in with the theme you’re doing now. The rest of the year, we alternate between having a theme (which you’ll find on Marie’s blog) and a “freebie,” where you can pick whatever you want. Think about it! We’d love to have you!

  2. Jade says:

    A great song, the vocals are strong yet not overbearing. There is nothing that quite gets me in the festive spirit than a nice Christmas song! Good pick. 🙂

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