Music Reactions: My love for BoA’s new single “Who Are You”



Words cannot describe how much I love BoA. She has been my role model and idol since I first watched her in the “Every Heat ~Minna no Kimochi~” music video when I was a middle school student once upon a time ago. Maybe I am a bit biased because of my love for her but BoA is one of the most talented artists in modern day Korean music. It’s because of many factors from her versatile vocals to her ability to try different, more cutting-edge music in each album and her impeccable fashion sense. I don’t think I have a song that I don’t like from her as they are top notch, musically tasty, and well-liked. Ok, ok, I will stop fawning over her with my deep love…

A couple weeks back, BoA released her eighth Korean album “Kiss My Lips”. One of the leading singles from it is “Who Are You”.:

I feel like this song is the Korean twin sibling of her 2010 Japanese hit “Bump Bump”. Both songs have similar themes with a male rapper, a slow opening that speeds up by the time it hits the chorus and/or first verse, the use of BoA’s wide range by making her go to the highest note that she can hit and then the lowest note, and other factors.

Could this ever be related to “Who are You?”?

However, “Who Are You”. is not a complete ripoff of “Bump Bump”.. One difference is the story-telling themes in the lyrics. For “Bump Bump”, it’s is a fast past electronica meets funk song that convinces the theme of having fun and partying. While “Who Are You” is that casual, stroll in the park song that talks about finding love by going on blind dates. Also, the musical directions are different as  “Who Are You” is a standard Kpop song that features the use of an electric grand piano, light, airy synthesizers. and uplifting clapping. As MR JKPOP pointed out in his recent video review of the song, the sound in “Who Are You” reminisce to one that BoA started off with back in the early part of her career. Maybe I can hear the similarity when I listen to the “No. 1” album, especially with “My Sweetie”, but only for a tiny bit.  I think “Who Are You” emulates more of BoA’s music during the mid-2000s, especially when half the stuff in “Who Are You” reminds me of Maki Goto’s music.

Whatever direction you view this song in, most will agree that  “Who Are You”. is a lovely, airy, and relaxing song that would be perfect for any “fun, cute romantic moments”  during this time of the year.

4 thoughts on “Music Reactions: My love for BoA’s new single “Who Are You”

  1. My favorite song by BOA hands down is Duvet, I became a fan by watching the anime series Lain. I heard the opening song and was blown away by it, I like her other song Elephant too. Watched the videos and really liked them, thanks again for sharing.

    • It’s a little confusing because of the similar names but BoA is the Korean pop star that crosses over to Japan while BOA that did the Lain opening is a British band. Both are great artists tho’.

      Love some of the reaction shots for the actress in the Who Are You video – so adorbs! But, kind of can’t get that suit she’s wearing in Bump Bump out of my head now that I’ve seen it. So stylish! Both are great videos XD

      First ran into Boa with when she first crossed over to releasing songs in Japanese with the ID: Peace B single – it’s been so great seeing her have so much longevity in her music career!

  2. aisasami says:

    @lawrencerainbow: I recently did check out a countdown video on Youtube of the best 50 anime songs of the 90s. And, the Lain opening on it. It was a bit different from what I expected. More rockish but good.

    @Umi: The video for “Who Are You?” is very cute. The guy who plays her love interest, a labelmate, is actually pretty good and good-looking. In this video and others, BoA always had a great fashion sense. That is one thing I admire from her.

    By the way, what is your favorite BoA song?

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