Kabah – “Vivir Por Mi”

kabah-La Vida Que Va

I am serious slacking on this blog! I am sorry for this! Winter always has me falling asleep beside my heater earlier than I expected. I want to make it up to my readers by posting an upbeat song from the Mexican band Kabah who might chase the winter blues away. Kabah was formed in 1992 with six members: Maria José Loyola, René Ortiz Martinez, Federica Quijano Tapia, André Quijano Tapia, Daniela Magun and Sergio Ortiz O’Farril. They didn’t have much luck in the beginning as they were unsure about their musical style and had many unfortunate events that ended with crowds booing them off stage. However, luck changed in 1994 when they entered and won the talent show “Valores Juveniles”. They released their album, entitled “Kabah”, soon after. Although only containing four tracks, the album was popular among the younger listeners. Their second album “La Calle de las Sirenas”, is their most popular album to date as it sold over 2.5 million copies all over the world.

The group sadly broke up in 2005 after releasing the acoustic greatest hits album “El Pop”. Some of the members went onto pursue solo careers in the entertainment industry. Maria José Loyola, or simply known as Josa, has released four albums, opened for Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape” tour, and appeared on various shows. Federica Quijano Tapia went on to do some acting and modeling gigs, appearing in various media like “Penthouse” and “KIU”. Daniela Magun is a TV talk host while Sergio Ortiz O’Farril created his own solo project, named “Moroccoblu”. Though the members have went their separate ways, the members decided to reunite Kabah last year and are planning to do a tour this year.

“Vivir Por Mi” comes from the band’s fifth studio album “La Vida Que Va”. This album is said to feature “a lighter sound”.[1] However, I don’t really hear that with “Viviri Por Mi”, which is an upbeat, feel good song about life and growing up for yourself. Maybe it’s the beginning as the song starts out off with a mediocre pace. However, thanks partially to a key change, the song picks up steam as if it’s a dance song. What else is nice about the song is that the male members take lead vocals, which is really good for their range. My only wish is to understand what they are chanting in the beginning with the cool synthesized opening. My Spanish is really poor after years of neglecting to study it.

If you are feeling down anytime, have the dance-y, positive “Vivir Por Mi” playing to cheer you up and remember you that you only live for yourself, don’t try to live for anyone else.


[1] Kabah (band). (2005, June 5). Retrieved January 16, 2015, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabah_(band)


Pasa el tiempo y no puedo entender
lo que dejo y lo que encontraré.
Mis caminos recorrer,
mi destino conocer,
quiero equivocarme como ayer,
sin miedo de perder.

Y ahora tengo que salir
a vivir por mí,
tengo que crecer y comprender
que me queda mucho por decir,
tanto que sentir,
tengo que salir para vivir.

No es posible quiero respirar,
cuantas decisiones por tomar.
Vivo y creo en mi verdad,
todo lo quiero arriesgar,
hoy es el momento de cambiar
sin mirar atrás.

Y ahora tengo que salir
a vivir por mí,
tengo que crecer y comprender
que me queda mucho por decir,
tanto que sentir,
tengo que salir para vivir.

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